2 thoughts on “Colour Eating without Heating / Colorific Manifesto

  1. Colour Eating without Heating and Colorific Manifesto are my two ‘Don’t Cook! -Books!
    They can be found on : http://www.Youthevity.com.
    Please feel free to download TWO available E books: I, THE YANCHEP DIET, II, The Colorific Manifesto – at 11.95 U.S. $ for theTWO!
    SEE our WEBSITE: please, Youthevity.com for contact details with the Publisher and Author; as well as for booking weekend workshops & other available summer school classes! (also for waist watchers, bikkie & tipple addicts, and for weaning yourself from Creams, Cakes & Bakes!)

  2. GREAT ANTI-COVID NEWS: PLEASE spread the GOOD TIDINGS: A FRENCH PROFESSOR , EMERITUS by the name of Jean Bouquet from the Oldest University in the WORLD, has just published his Research , which found , (surprise, surprise!) FERMENTED- CABBAGE EATERS across 50 European Sauerkraut-loving countries appear to have much lower Covid-19 mortality risks!! HOORAY! I can only say! THIS is the way to keep Covids AWAY – with a little HELP FROM OUR OWN YANCHEP DIET with its own PURPLE POTLUCKY SCHEME: which is EASY AS to make AT HOME! Here is HOW:
    1) Slice/sliver a small red cabbage into a glass jar.or , much easier: a glass drink dispenser with a tap and a non-hermetic linen-type top ‘turban’
    2)Pour a bottle of organic KOMBUCHA (preferably home-made with organic SCOBY CULTURE) over it
    3)Cover with a linen cloth or paper napkin, for aeration, wrap around with a rubber band to prevent insects to fly in
    4) let stand at room temperature for a week or more- until it smells tea-cidery (it’s a fermented sweet tea- remedy- for details see on Google, e.g. ‘Harald Tietze, TEA-OLOGY’ or Wikipedia-
    5) Don’t shift around- it dislikes shifts, detergents & kitchen sprays!
    6) Use for Long Drinks, overnight/or daily fruit infusions (a handful of Strawberries, pine/apple chunks are top, and a sprinkling of ginger bits, too- TO YOUR HEALTHY YOU!

Go for 2& 5&more! Join us to beat COVID - NOW!

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