come to THINK of it…

a propos: the poetic packaging : Keats as only HE could rave…two hundred years ago agogo…when he was stricken with TBC..(which made him so much more craving for paradise foods, rare & only seasonally available in his time, even in England, where the Gulf Stream, set in the Silver Sea, makes for much milder temperatures…(yes! until the jet stream from our melting Arctic super fridge will derail it, thanks to : global warning: GLOBAL WARMING…)

So let’s be G O O D and live more COOOL – literally… and R E A -L L Y, PLEASE

Here comes my wise-ol’ woman’s ALTER EGO : LIVE LIKE EVE O’, LUTION, otherwise known as EVE ADAMS, for a day at a time, let’s call it , SALAD DAYS GAME… e.g.

NO SLAVING OVER A HOT STOVE (except for microwaving: sweet or not potatoes, coffee & tea, cacao/mocha mushrooms …which takes only minutes, not fossil-powered hours..)


Go for 2& 5&more! Join us to beat COVID - NOW!

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